• To decorate your garden with shade sail

    To decorate your garden with a shade sail is a good choice. If you encounter rainy weather or a season with strong sunshine, excessive opening of the garden will be counterproductive. At this time, you need an independent shade and windproof area to help! The garden consists of two parts, one par...
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  • Ton Bags’ Market Analysis

    Ton Bags’ Market Analysis

    Ton bag is also called bulk bag, big bag commonly used in garden or construction area. It can carry at least 1 ton, the name is also from this. China’s ton bag manufacturer mainly in north of China, with abundant labor sources and convenient transportation, these factories are endowed with innate...
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  • Introduction of RPET spunbond fabric

    Introduction of RPET spunbond fabric

    Rpet is a new kind of environmentally friendly recycled fabric, which is different from ordinary polyester yarn, and can be regarded as a second use.   It is mainly made of recycled Coke bottles and plastic bottles. Its recycled material can be recycled into PET fiber, which reduces waste polluti...
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  • What a Useful Fabric-Needle Punch Geotextile

    What a Useful Fabric-Needle Punch Geotextile

    Staple fiber needle-punched geotextile is a kind of non-woven fabrics usually used in industrial and construction area. The material can be polyproplene and polyester. The fibers are crimped staple with a fineness of 6-12 denier and a length of 54-64mm. It becomes to be cloth through the manufact...
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  • PLA Spunbond- the friend of human

    PLA Spunbond- the friend of human

    Polylactic acid (PLA) is a novel bio-based and renewable biodegradable material, which is made from starch materials proposed by renewable plant resources (such as maize and cassava).  Starch raw materials were saccharized to get glucose, and then high purity lactic acid was made by fermentation ...
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  • Sun Shade Sail Introduction

    Sun Shade Sail Introduction

    The sun shade sail is affixed to vertical surfaces high off the ground, such as posts, side of a house, trees etc.. Each set of shade sail has a stainless steel D-ring and uses some combination of hooks, ropes or clips to anchor to the surface. The sun shade sail is pulled taut to cover as much a...
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  • The war with the weeds

    As a gardener, what’s the most headache problems with you? The insects? Maybe the weeds! You have gone to battle with weeds in your planting areas. Truly, the battle with weeds is perpetual and has been ongoing since humans started growing things on purpose. So I want to recommend you a magical t...
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  • PET Spunbond Fabric Future Market Analysis

    Spunbond fabric is made by melting plastic and spinning it into filament. The filament is collected and rolled under heat and pressure into what is called spunbond fabric. Spunbond nonwovens are used in numerous applications. Examples include disposable diapers, wrapping paper; material for fitra...
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  • Non-Woven Fabrics Industry Analysis

    Worldwide Non-woven fabrics demand reaches 48.41 Million Tons in 2020 and may reach to 92.82 Million Tons by 2030, growing at a healthy CAGR of 6.26% until 2030 owing to the proliferation of new technologies, rise in awareness of environmental friendly fabrics, rise in disposable income levels, a...
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  • How to install ground cover as weed control fabric

    How to install ground cover as weed control fabric

    Laying down landscape fabric is the smartest and often the most effective method to fight weed. It prevents weed seeds from germinating in the soil or from landing and taking root from above the soil. And because landscape fabric is “breathable,” it lets water, air, and some nutrients...
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